Growing Sarracenia pitcher plants from seed can be an extremely rewarding manner of getting many similar plants that all look different. With that said, growing them from seed requires a few steps.

If you are interested in the easiest and simplest manner of growing Sarracenia from seed, then fill up a pot of your favorite carnivorous plant mix (I prefer a 50/50 blend of Sphagnum peat moss and perlite) with a dried or live Sphagnum moss top dressing. Place the seeds on top of the moss and press them down lightly — do not bury them. Then place this pot outside in fall or winter in a tray of water with your other Sarracenia. I would recommend placing them outside no later than mid-January in places with a climate similar to Portland. Then, you wait! With this method, you will be likely to see seedlings begin to sprout as soon as April or May, and every seed that will germinate should have sprouted by June or July! That’s it, your Sarracenia will grow and you will likely have flowering sized-plants in as soon as two years, but more likely up to five or six.

If you would like to artificially grow Sarracenia from seed, and under good conditions cause them to grow much faster than growing them naturally outdoors, then here is a good care guide: